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Slider Windows
This window slides horizontally, from left to right or right to left.  The advanatage to this style of window is that only one bar runs down the center of the window, allowing a less obstructed view outside your window. This style of window is utilized for horizontal openings. For extra large openings, you can choose a 3-lite slider that has a center picture window  with sliding end windows to vent for fresh air.

Specialty Windows:
Bay or Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows add both style and beauty to your home with dimension to both the inside and outside of your home.  This style window makes a room look much larger.  Bay and bow windows can also add extra seating to your home.

Garden Windows
Are you a plant lover?  Then a garden window allows you to keep your hands dirty year-round!  This window is not only functional, it is styles and add depth to your room.

Double Hung Windows
A double hung window is one of the most popular choice among homeowners for a few reasons. You can either lower the top or raise the bottom sash for maximum airflow. Double hung windows are super easy to clean because the sash tilts in which allow you to clean the outside glass, from the inside of your home. No need to go outside with ladders and paper towel blowing all around your yard.

Casement Windows
This style of window is great for contemporary or transitional homes. The swing style opening operates on a crank system which allows the window to open easily.

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