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Dennis M. Barnette, LLC has been providing expert roofing contractor services throughout Western PA for over 40 years.  Offering our customers experienced and professional roofing services in Butler, Cranberry and surrounding areas.

The biggest question that customers have asked over the years is - How do I know if I need a new roof?  The only sure way to know is to have an inspection by a roofing professional from a reputable roofing company.  There are a few other indicators that would alert you to the need for repair or replacement.  Here are a few tips to checking your roof.

  1. Look for signs of buckling
  2. Check the perimeter of your home for shingles or shingle pieces
  3. Note any sagging ceilings in your home
  4. Check any spots of discoloration on your roof
  5. Consider the age of your roof

If you are in doubt about your roof, it is always best to get a professional roof inspection.  Dennis M Barnette, LLC offers free roof inspections for your peace of mind.

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